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Support LRCC

Your gift helps LRCC provide life-enriching music education to children of diverse backgrounds.

By supporting LRCC, you become an integral part of Ventura County's premier youth choir. Each year, 80-100 students participate in our programs and over 1,400 children and families enjoy our community performances--programs and performances that are made possible by your generous support. 

No child should be denied access to a quality music education. To this end, we work hard to keep fees low for our choristers and their families. 

  • Tuition fees have not risen in the past 4 years and are below comparable choir programs in California.

  • Tuition covers only 40% of the total cost of each student’s participation.

  • 25% of our choristers receive financial assistance from scholarships. 

Keeping tuition affordable is one of many ways we strive to make the programs at LRCC accessible to all. We also provide scholarships to all who qualify. For many children, LRCC is the only accessible and affordable formal choral training program available.

Each year, we rely on the support of people like you who believe in the transformational power of music. Learn more about the Los Robles Children’s Choir Scholarship Sponsors Program.

Friends of Los Robles Children’s Choir

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