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At Los Robles Children's Choir we offer:

Top notch vocal technique and music instruction. 
We engage our students in healthy vocal production and develop musicianship skills through ear training and sight-reading practice. 

Strong and supportive community.
We value working hard and playing hard. Our students like spending time together in and out of the classroom.

Valuable life skills.
Our students learn how to speak and sing confidently in public, work with a wide variety of conductors and clinicians, and support their teammates as they strive to make beautiful music together.

Our Mission:

The mission of Los Robles Children’s Choir is to strive for excellence in choral singing by awakening and encouraging the artistry in each child. This exploration of the children’s artistic essence takes place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. The performances give the singers an opportunity to share their musical achievements and artistic sensitivities with an audience.

Some of our excited Bel Canto singers pa
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