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Sheet Music

Our next auditions will be on January 6th & 13th of 2024

For the Spring Semester

General Vocal Evaluation Information

All choristers should be signing up for a vocal evaluation because of a sincere desire to participate in this choir program.

Parents must be willing to commit to a high level of responsibility concerning rehearsals and performances.

Singers do not need to prepare a specific song. They may be asked to sing "Happy Birthday" in some instances

Placement with Our Choirs

Criteria for our two main ensembles is as follows.

Bel Canto

Beginning Choir
Ages: 8+

Must Demonstrate the Ability to:

  • Stay focused for an extended period of time

  • Sing in tune

  • Use head voice (high tones)

  • Work willingly with the director and with a group of other children

  • Read the English language with ease and comprehension


Ages: 12-18

Must Demonstrate Bel Canto Abilities, Plus:

  • Read music

  • Sing simple melodies at sight

  • Be comfortable with all the contents of A Young Singer’s Journey: Book One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information to give you more insight.

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